SpecInfer: Accelerating Generative LLM Serving with Speculative Inference and Token Tree Verification


The high computational and memory requirements of generative large language models (LLMs) make it challenging to serve them quickly and cheaply. This paper introduces SpecInfer, an LLM serving system that accelerates generative LLM inference with speculative inference and token tree verification. A key insight behind SpecInfer is to combine various collectively boost-tuned small language models to jointly predict the LLM’s outputs; the predictions are organized as a token tree, whose nodes each represent a candidate token sequence. The correctness of all candidate token sequences represented by a token tree is verified by the LLM in parallel using a novel tree-based parallel decoding mechanism. SpecInfer uses an LLM as a token tree verifier instead of an incremental decoder, which significantly reduces the end-to-end latency and computational requirement for serving generative LLMs while provably preserving model quality.

ArXiv Preprint
Gabriele Oliaro
Gabriele Oliaro
CS PhD Student

I’m a PhD Student in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University